PT. Chemindo Ekatama

Powder Flavour

Selling Food and Beverage Flavor Powder / Powder Flavor at Low Prices
We are a distributor of powdered food and beverage flavoring distributors selling various types of powder flavorings, including: Cocoa Powder Substitute 5053, Condensed Milk Powder Flavor 2012, Condensed Milk Powder Flavor 2728/4, Ethyl Maltol 1516 M, Ethyl Vanillin Powder 1055, Milk Powder Flavor FC 7828/500 NAT, Vanilla Cream Powder 1050, Vanilla Extract Powder Flavor 1028 Nat., Vanilla Extract Powder 1068 Nat, Vanilla Powder 1005, Vanilla Powder 1040/1025, Vanilla Powder Flavor 1005/200, Vanilla Flavor 1000. From some food flavoring products and powder-shaped drinks above, you can see in detail from the product catalog below or can also contact us through our contact.

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